I am a superhero

I am a superhero [Life skill]:

Skills acquired through direct life experience help children to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with challenges of life.

In order to elevate their organisational skill, learners were exposed to a T-shirt folding activity.

The activity helped the children to foster a systematic approach towards their daily routine.

Table Manners

- A very interesting session on Table Manners was conducted by TMS Surat for Students,they were taught not only the use of utensils on the table but also the way to behave while eating. The learning outcome was that children understood that one needs to be polite and well mannered even while eating.

Shoe lace activity

Learners of TMS were exposed to a Shoe lace tying activity through which they acquired important skills like following directions, sorting and sequencing. It was an efficient way to gain dexterity in their fine motor skills.

Cleaning Activity

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” These words of Gandhiji have always motivated us and on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, learners at TMS expressed different ways by which they conserve water in day-to- day life through a padlet activity. In order to promote the Atma Nirbhar Campaign, the importance of being self-reliant was explained to the children. Truly adhering to this, they organised their cupboards, bed etc. thus taking the magical step towards strengthening their ability to take care of themselves. A virtual tour to the Sabarmati Ashram, helped children to understand the impeccable role played by the Mahatma towards achieving independence for our country.

First aid training

Lemonade Making Activity

In the activity of “I am A Superhero”, children were taught to make a lemonade and offer it to a family member. The purpose of this activity was to teach the children a life skill and to inculcate in them values of concern and family bonding.

Hand washing activity

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