Safety & Security

TMS Surat has a big boundary wall, two security guards with one supervisor of security. In every Pre Primary class room there is a maid for the help of students. Strict rules are established for attendance in bus and school. Adequate fire safety measures have been taken in the school, and mock fire drills are conducted at fixed intervals. Apart from the supervision and security staff, all the teachers are also trained to handle emergency and fire equipments.

Safety of students and staff is of utmost importance to us. To ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the institution, these services are catered in house under strict supervision. RO filters have been installed in our school to ensure safe drinking water. Fire drills and other safety measures with regard to use of transport, splash pool facilities etc are implemented strictly to ensure safety and well being of your wards.

We have introduced many innovative and new methods of safety measures in the school premise. Safety measures like fire evacuation drill, evacuation plan, awareness of fire exits and emergency assembly signs, first aiders helps the child to take the first step towards safety precautions.

TMS Health and Safety Committee keep a constant check on the health and safety aspects of teachers and students in school. The school is under CCTV surveillance which records all the movement of a student in and outside the classroom with security sentry at all gates. An Identity card is provided to every student, parents and staffs of school which they will have to show at the gate before entering the premise. The School does not allow any unsupervised interactions between visitor and children.

Safety in the bus is specified with specified speed governors with fire extinguishers and a first aid box where the children are looked after by trained lady attendants. The buses also have the provision for GPS tracking and SMS updates (for parents).

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