Director's Message


As we begin the new academic session of The Millennium School Surat, I wish you all a yet another year full of new experiences. One thing we all can agree on is that we all are in a new time zone now, we are surrounded by technology, the technology that provides all the information we need on a click of a button, which was not the case for the previous generations. So the question is when information is everywhere, why do we still need schools, what is the relevance of a formal school in this new age of technology. Well, the primary role of a school is to provide education, so let us think of the very purpose of EDUCATION. According to the dictionary, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. As we can see, acquisition of knowledge is just a small component of education, a better emphasis should be on the development of skills, imparting the right set of human values, developing a positive belief system and good habits. We all are aware that we are preparing our children for an unknown future, hence the essential skills will be of more use than the content knowledge which may not even remain relevant tomorrow. This is precisely our vision at the Millennium School Surat. The curriculum seamlessly integrates these essential components in our lesson plans while the learning of content is facilitated in the classrooms by the experts in a sequential manner through various age-appropriate experiences and stimulations. These varied experiences make learning more interesting as our larger aim is to imbibe the love for learning. A person desirous of learning will always have better prospects of achieving the bigger goals of life, and society at large, will always remain progressive.

As a school we do understand our responsibility towards the society, hence our vision is to provide a more holistic approach towards education which includes not just Academic but Social, Emotional and Ethical Education as well. We are glad to have a very efficient team of Mentors, Educators, and Parents who share the same vision and look forward to a great year as together we prepare our children for a better tomorrow.

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