Computer Lab

Computer lab

Technology can become ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before - if we will allow it. - Jeny Arledge.
Our lives in these modern times are heavily dependent on the use of computers. We
need to make the future generation well equipped with the use of computers. Hence, it is highly imperative to include computer education in the school curriculum. At TMS Surat, the computer lab, like other labs, essentially provides access to various resources to the students. We have well-designed and separate computer labs for Junior and Senior students, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child.
There are 35 computers in our Lab -1 and 22 in Lab - 2 currently. All computers are connected with LAN with Ubuntu Operating System in LAB -1 and Windows in LAB-2. All computers are well configured with headphones and microphones, with 4GB RAM.
Learners gain proficiency and dexterity in current technology with optimized supportive infrastructure with the latest hardware and software at our school computer labs. It has display boards to reflect student’s learning. A hard writing surface - (infrastructure) on each computer table, so that the students can take notes swiftly. It also has a whiteboard, green board for making it simpler for the facilitator to teach the concept. Additionally, the school computer lab has a convenient centrally located air circulation system. A good air circulation system is quite important in a computer lab for mainly two reasons, firstly so as to protect the components from overheating and secondly for the comfort of the users.
Children can learn to do various subject related research using the computer; also they can use it to make various projects in school. We are committed to a progressive and evolving approach to ensure that our students have the advantage of being familiar with up to date technology advances in IT based educational initiatives.

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