Admission FAQ's

1. Which board is your school affiliated to?
2. Is your school a CBSE school?
3. Are you following the NCERT syllabus?
4. Do you have a bus going to our area?
5. What is the Philosophy that guides The Millennium School?
6. What is the academic year of the school?
7. Is your school a co-educational school?
8. Do parents have a role in The Millennium School?

1. What are the various safety measures you take in your school?
2. How is the hygiene level maintained in the school?
3. What are the medical facilities available in the school?
4. Do you provide security in the school bus?
5. What is special about a Millennium school?
6. Will it be up to class 12?
7. How is your school different from all other schools?

1. What is the fee structure?
2. Do you have any discount/concession on tuition fees?
3. How often will you revise your fees?
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