Science Lab

Science Lab

1. In our school we have three individual lab for science which are chemistry,physics and biology.

2. labs infrastructure is wide and open with proper ventilation and with all safety protocols like fire extinguishers, exhaust fan and safety cabinets room where concentrated chemicals are kept and only authorised person’s entry.

3. There are safety protocols and safety rules for practicals which we are guid the students before conducting the practicals.

4. All glass apparatus like beaker,test tube,pipettes,flasks,funnels are kept on their specific compartments on the self for students to easy access.

5. Every lab have their own separate apparatus and instruments.which we provide them with guidance during practicals.

6. Students safety is our first priority so we kept our upmost attention to the students while their practicals are going on and for the safe side we have first aid kit in all our three labs.

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