Teacher Development

Facilitator’s Training

The Millennium School facilitators are trained by Millennium education management Training Team which conducts the world’s largest training program designed for the professional development and upgradation of educators. The objective is to translate the vision of the Institution into classroom practices through interactive and energized training and mentoring program. It ensures a learning continuum for all educators. The training is imparted in a phased manner for easy absorption.

Empowering Facilitators with Effective Strategies Program (EEFS)

This is a unique dimension to facilitator empowerment training by the Research and Development. Every teacher of The Millennium School undergoes an additional online certification course, so as to be equipped with meaningful strategies practiced in classrooms all over the world. Here teaching strategies are disseminated in the form of short films and videos.

The World Education Summit has felicitated the EEFS program with the award for the Best Innovation in Teaching Methodologies in 2011.

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