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Sandeep Singh Kathuria
Qualification : POST GRADUATE
Designation : Principal
Experience : 25 Years

Who can deny the fact that we all are living in a highly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous [VUCA] World; wherein failure is not a catastrophe but failure to learn from failure surely is. Exploration of information along with breath taking advances in technology coupled with globalization of markets have thrown open opportunities for growth & prosperity for the whole society. Having said this, the question that has always intrigued and motivated me in my pursuit of excellence as an educator for the last 2 decades is, “Does our educational system equip our children adequately with the necessary competencies and skills to take advantage of the immense opportunities with confidence and emerge triumphant?”

I am most certain that the “winners” or “achievers” of the 21st Century would be those, who possess competencies like analytical skills, data interpretation, creativity, critical thinking, empathy and strong emotional quotient. If we were to achieve this, | believe the single most important idea for revolutionizing education concerns a change in thought; it is to equip our students on not “What” to learn but “How” to learn. The aim is to create a community of life long learners with strong moral characters empowered with a vision to think globally and act locally. It is our endeavor at The Millennium School - Surat to make learning interesting for our students as we firmly believe that every child is unique and has an inherent potential that needs to be unleashed, for them to be life-long learners.

My personal and professional goal is to motivate each pupil to learn and follow their passion. Fortunately the portals of TMS-Surat give me that opportunity. The happy learner community stands testimony to the great work done here. As the Principal of the The Millennium School-Surat, | look forward to continue the well established Millennium Learning System and promise to provide an environment that is positive, safe, caring, engaging and challenging for all. My goal is to invest time in getting to know everyone in the TMS-Surat Community - students, teachers, parents and staff. We at school will continue to work relentlessly with the priority of having every child’s best interest at heart.

My message to all the parents is to stay connected and involved. | want to assure you that we are together in this noble task of bringing up responsible global citizens and are partners in scripting the success story of every child in our school. This can only be achieved with your cooperation and support. After all we have to rise to meet the challenges and ensure the delivery of a successful education programme for the future !

Thank you !
Sandeep Singh Kathuria