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At The Millennium School we recognize that parents can add a lot of value to the schooling of their children when engaged properly. From the outset we've tried to develop a parent partnership program that gives interested parents an opportunity to contribute to their child's schooling.

Parents can participate in school everyday.

Parents are always welcome at the school and are given plenty of opportunities to be involved with children during school hours.

  1. Those with exceptional talent in an Art or Sport are encouraged to participate as guest instructors to aid in the development of the extra-curricular skills of our students.
  2. Parents and grand parents may also be invited to participate in certain classroom activities, assemblies or projects that their children are involved in, in addition to the usual functions and performances.
  3. 'Career Days' when parents from different walks of life talk about their professional experiences to help students prepare for their own future. This is another way in which parents can contribute at The Millennium Schools.

There is regular school parent interaction in a number of ways: