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Sports play a central role in supporting the ethos of the school and a first class education. The Millennium School has a strong reputation where students are exposed to various outdoor & indoor sports. Professional coaches render scientifically aided training in  Basketball, Football, Cricket, Handball, Netball, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Gymnastics ,Yoga, Frisbee, Rock Climbing , Chess ,Carom and other calisthenics from RTF to grade XI.The students are encouraged to specialize in a sport, according to their inclination and also based on the suggestions of expert coaches.

The students regularly represent the school at the Khel Mahakumbh, the CBSE and the SGFI and at the National School Games.Almost 250 students have participated in various extramural tournaments and most of them made it to a higher level and even participated at the national level.