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Fees Structure for 2021-22  RTF I-II I - V VI - X XI - XII
Registration Form Fees  3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
Admission Fees  6080 7875 9165 9750
Security Deposit (Is refunded Interest Free when the student leaves TMS-Surat after the deduction of Admission Fees at different level.) 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
Imprest Deposit (Carried forward every year after consented expenses, and the final balance is refunded Interest Free when the student leaves TMS) 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500
Tuition fees [Quaterly] TMS 1st   Instalment - 10th March 18,250 23,625 27,500 29,250
Tuition fees [Quaterly] TMS 2nd Instalment - 10th June 18,250 23,625 27,500 29,250
Tuition fees [Quaterly] TMS 3rd  Instalment - 10th Sept. 18,250 23,625 27,500 29,250
Tuition fees [Quaterly] TMS 4th   Instalment - 10th Dec. 18,250 23,625 27,500 29,250
Other Charges/DSP   43,000  43,000  43,000  51,000
Sibling Discount TMS
RTF I-RTF II 7,300
I - V 9,450
VI - X 11,000
XI - XII 11,700


* Above mentioned is the Provisional Tuition Fees for the Academic Year 2021-22,

which is subject to FRC and final verdict of Hon'ble Supreme Court.

** Admission fee is equivalent to one month's tuition fee of the applicable level and time, would be charged at the beginning of Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary & Senior

Secondary level. It will be deducted from Security Deposit.

All the payment/s for "Tuition Fees" to be made in the name of - "The Millennium School, Surat"

All the payment/s for "Other Charges/DSP" to be made in the name of - "Maitri Charitable Trust"

Books, Bag, School Uniform and Shoes are not included in the provisional school fees.

There may be some change in the heads mentioned above, subject to rectification from relevant authorities. However what we are specifying here is that total amount charged will not exceed from what has been mentioned above.

Kindly read all school policies and complete the administrative formalities of The

Millennium School, Surat before you confirm your child’s admission .