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Education is a pretty broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. Education plays a fundamental role in making of a man and his development as a culturally well developed social animal. To fulfil these objectives, there is a prime need of striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and Co- Curricular activities. A Co- curricular activity essentially takes place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience. It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non- academic abilities. The school has designed various co-scholastic activities for each class, depending on the age and interest of the students. These provide opportunities for children to experiment and grow into unique personalities. These activities enable students to develop life skills and leadership qualities through experiential learning. To inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among the students and to acknowledge their talents, from RTF to Grade XII  students have inter – class competitions, various inter-house activities and different other competitions where each one of them gets a fair chance to participate and excel in their field of interest.

There is a huge plethora of options that students can choose from. We offer a diverse range of activities, from experiential learning programs to numerous athletics endeavours, arts experiences, student activities and clubs. The Millennium School believes that learning experiences are differentiated to accommodate the range of abilities and learning styles in different areas. Physical education is one of them. It not only helps to enhance overall health and motor skills but also sharpens students learning abilities. At The Millennium School, these skills will be inculcated through sports like Table Tennis, Basket ball, Foot ball, Net ball, Cricket, Hand ball, Gymnastic, Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, Rock climbing, Carom, Track and field.

The universal languages of music and dance forms help students from across communities to bond with harmony and provide the perfect nutriments for mind, body and soul. The Millennium School provides training in a variety of disciplines in music and dance which the children have freedom to choose from- Music (Vocal, Instrumental), Dance, Drama, Drawing, Painting, Craft, Folk Art forms etc.

We also encourage students from an early age to take responsibility for their communities. Students contribute to decision-making in the school through student councils. Activities involving the wider community generally focus on developing a sense of responsibility for the common good.

The school runs a house system. Every student belongs to one of four houses. Within their houses students take positions of responsibility, compete against other houses in sport and music and work towards common goals in a range of areas.

Thoughtful and motivated counselors, teachers and administrators work with students and their families to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential at TMS.


Mentor system- Board classes are very crucial for students. So another very unique feature of TMS is the mentor system in which each teacher is assigned a small group of wards. The interaction between them helps the mentors to have a comprehensive record of their activities, academic co curricular achievements and problems.